Aion Online’s Stigma System Explained

The Stigma system in Aion Online is unique in many ways. It is different from most other MMOs in that it allows you to effectively add new skills to your character that other characters may not have access to. Unlike a talent tree, it is directly integrated into the fabric of the game and how you kill mobs and it will upgrade as you level up from 20 to 50 and beyond.

Getting Started

To get started, you must be Level 20 and then get the quest “No Escaping Destiny” if you are Asmodian or “Memory of the Past” if you are Elyos. The quest will have you run around the old world a bit and find some familiar NPCs. It’s easy enough to accomplish though and should be done right away so that you have access to your Stigma system early.

Once you are done with the quest, you will gain access to two Stigma Situs Slot Online dan Judi Online  slots, along with 1 Stigma stone and 300 shards.

How the System Works

The Stigma System allows you to harvest Stigma Stones which are rare drops from mobs in the world. You can then equip the stones to your character by talking to a Stigma Master in either capital city. From there, you will need to pay 4 times the level of your stone in shards to equip it. If your Stigma stone is level 50, you will need 200 shards to equip it. You can obtain more shards by killing guards and NPCs in the Abyss.

When you equip a new Stigma stone, you will gain an ability associated with that stone. All stones are class specific and cannot be interchanged.

There are a limited number of slots, but those slots increase with your levels. You can get the following number of slots as you go forward:

o Level 20 – 2 Stigma Slots
o Level 30 – 3 Stigma Slots
o Level 40 – 4 Stigma Slots
o Level 50 – 5 Stigma Slots

Additionally, when Aion launches with version 1.5, you will be able to get 3 additional slots after Level 50 that are used for Advanced Stigma Stones.


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