An Educational Hub Creates the Spokes For Real Estate Appreciation

Investors have now realized that when a city attracts International students it also brings with it a huge demand for rental accommodations.In future these students might also migrate and start working in the same city long term automatically creating a demand for property. Since students also look forward to living in cities that offer an overall balanced lifestyle they choose their universities keeping in mind various factors. Such as recreational activities, nightlife, parks, gardens, hospitals as well as reliable means of transportation. Developers have realized the need to offer property for their various and diverse future residents. Our prediction is that Indian company will follow in the footsteps of other cities and provide global and local investment opportunities in cities like Pune and Noida.

Pune is well known for its educational facilities and institutions. The name Pune itself is derived from Sanskrit word Punyanagara meaning “city of virtue”. Pune is known for its academic institutions and has more than 6000 foreign students pursuing various courses in Science Arts management, Engineering, IT and many more. Add to this the presences of institutions like Symbiosis University which attracts Indian and foreign students are attracting a larger number of students to choose Pune. This city has become a home for most students which has made real estate developers take a keen interest in Pune. The students look for a place to stay when they come to study here thus making a huge demand for rental accommodations. Pune also has many parks, greenery, public spaces, hospitals all these factors make it very inviting for anybody who decides to purchase a house in this city. Furthermore Pune has become a growing industrial hub be it sugar, glass, automotive industries in and around the city.

These opportunities pull migrant working class as well as students from all over India and abroad. Many expats have chosen to set up base in Pune. Builders have been constantly developing projects keeping this current trend in mind.Similar to Bangalore the IT sector in Pune and its surrounding areas are enticing people from all income groups to buy and invest in residential and commercial properties.The foreign investors such as NRI s are of the opinion that the market in Pune is a sound investment and will continue to grow in the coming years. Along with the increase in sales of residential properties the city is attracting a lot of interest in commercial properties too. An emerging city like Pune attracts people who even require rental residential property. In a place where a big section of the population is either student or migratory workers any residential property can become a lucrative investment. Many experts believe that putting property on rent will eventually be beneficial in the long run. According to a survey Melbourne city received 48 percent international students in 2010 thus playing a big role in residential buildings and investment property prices. The survey also predicts that London that house prices will continue to increase by 8 per cent per annum by 2014.

Similarly, in Noida, is a well planned and well developed istanbul property for sale  city with close proximity to Delhi. the Yamuna expressway connects Greater Noida to Agra thereby creating more commercial opportunities. Noida as a city has many schools, hospitals, malls,golf course, recreational facilities which is growing day by day. The Metro service is Noida also make it very appealing to the student community who use public transportation daily. All these factors make it an excellent choice for any buyer as an investment purpose or outright purchase. Greater Noida with plenty of new educational institutes and the bright future of the commercial market with steady inflow of new recruits such as the huge sprawling 650 acer Gautam Budh University which will be at the center of this appreciation owing to fantastic infrastructure as its close to Delhi about 45 minutes away. Well known actress Shilpa Shetty realized this and promoted Groupco developers who are looking forward to building a high end furnished commercial space expecting huge capital appreciation over the next 3 years. Both these cities are very beneficial to any student community wishing to inhabit them. Subsequently generating a huge demand for accommodations at apartments for lease, rental, and purchase to all who venture in search of their new abode.



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