How to Start Publishing Amazing Blog Posts

The blogosphere is getting pretty crowded. There are too many blogs out there, that don’t even get 1000 visits per month. The reality is that the majority of the blogs are… well, pretty much, failures. They fail to keep the user engaged because of the lack of new inspiring content. The reason is that it’s difficult to come up with new content ideas and the blog is left to die. You end up to publish press releases or bore to death your audience with sales pitches.

Even worse, most bloggers end up quitting within the first 3 months!

Don’t get me wrong, you could definitely benefit from a company blog. And you should, by all means, start an engaging blog for your business. But try to come up with fresh and new content that your followers will respond well to.

You don’t know how to come up with great content ideas for your blog?

Here are 5 tips and tricks to help you getting started:


  • Words, words, words


We often ask ourselves how many words a blog post should contain? There are, of course, blogs that set up limits for the number of words a blog post should contain. Many say that you need to have as many words as possible, because you can’t possible make a positive impact in a short story.

But, think about it. There are stories that can be explained in many words, and stories that can be explained in just a few words. The word count shouldn’t be your priority. You should focus instead on optimizing your posts for your audience and find better ways to reach your users. You should find ways to get your content in the hands of more people. Generate traffic and even more great content.


  • Provide Valuable Content


Give the users something valuable on a regular basis and you can be sure that they will return to your blog every time you post something new. But what’s a valuable content? How can you stand out when there are more than 152 million blogs out there that say the same things nobody cares?

The secret behind standing out is to find a better niche to focus on. Be more specific about what your websites stands for. Become an authority in your niche. Even if your audience is smaller, you can always extend when your blog becomes the “go-to” source in your industry.


  • Research


Well researched blog posts can really stand out and differentiate your content from your competitors’.

Here are some tools for conducting thorough research (other than… you know, Google search):


  • StumpleUpon
  • Infographics
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Quora
  • Experts in the field on LinkedIn
  • Feedback from your customers


But like I said above, there are many bloggers out there. Chances are that many other bloggers are writing about the same topics as you. You can use this as an opportunity to see what worked and didn’t work, and how you can improve it so you could stand out in that particular topic area.

By reading similar blog posts and their user feedback, you can see a different angle on the topic and have better researched posts.



The biggest mistake you can make is to forget that you write for your users, who they are and their needs and interests. To create a user-centered content strategy, you must start by learning who your user is.

You must understand who your user is by reviewing all your relevant data: Google analytics, market research, your user-base lists and member databases.

Then ask yourself: What are their needs? Why are they on your website? When you find out the answers to these questions you will be able to create content that will engage your audience and generate more traffic.


  • Tell Your story


Readers love to read successful people’s story. To walk in your shoes for a while. You don’t have to write personal journal entries on your blog, but give some details and insights about how you operate.

By telling the world your story, you’re not just creating unique content, but you inspire others to step out of their comfort zones.

So, here’s my story:


Samsung Galaxy 5: Excellent Features and Superb Performance

One of the latest mobiles from the house of Samsung is Samsung Galaxy 5 from the Galaxy range. Reputed companies like Samsung keep introducing something exciting and innovative to meet the expectations of their clientele. After capturing the large market segment with its innovative mobile phone range like Samsung Corby, this time, Samsung has come up with its all new series of smartphones under the brand name of galaxy. Launched in 2010, Samsung galaxy 5 has added new dimensions to the mobile usage. 55au7700

The look and design of the Samsung Galaxy 5 is quite unique as its texture and shape is different from other smartphone available in the market. In fact, it resembles with Samsung’s Corby in its size as it is also very sleek and moreover, the shape of the phone trims down as you go down. Like other Samsung mobile phones, this phone is also made using a glossy plastic material for the back. Though some people may not like its average looks, its display and features are just amazing. The phone has the ability to catch the attention of every generation of users. It comes with a large display of 2.8 inch. It is touchscreen with great responsive features.

When it comes to the interface of this phone, it is quite excellent and responsive. It operates on Android 2.1, rendering great experience to its users. The capability of its touch use interface is enhanced due to the presence of TouchWiz 3.0.

This Samsung mobile phone has a decent 2MP digital camera that offers you the opportunity to capture photos and videos when you do not have your digital camera with you. This camera also allows additional functions such as multiple shots and other shots like negative, sepia and grayscale form. Moreover, it shoots videos at the rate of 15fps which is quite good speed for an Android based phone.

Another good feature of this phone is its music player which offers a good selection of music and playlist. In addition, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack to help you become flexible while using this phone.

This Samsung phone is powered by 1200mAh battery. The battery offers and a talktime of 9.5 hours and standby time of 520 hrs. Regarding connectivity issues, the phone is equipped with Bluetooth, WI-Fi and 3G. Moreover, using this phone, you can stay connected with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Orkut.