Choosing a New Set of Golf Clubs


Buying new golf clubs involves some decisions for the average golfer. Do you buy clubs individually or do you buy a complete set at once. Golf club sets offer an easy way to get everything you need in one package. The usually include at least 2 woods, the driver and 3 wood, a putter, several irons, Vclubshop bag and headcovers. Buying clubs this way can save you a substantial amount of money and is a good option for anybody looking to minimize the amount of time they spend shopping and buying a new set of clubs.

Custom Clubs

If you buy a customized set of clubs you can get them designed to fit your exact needs. These clubs will be more expensive than a pre-packaged golf club set from a golf store, but your game may show the results of this decision. A custom set will usually allow you to hit the ball better than Vclubshop “off the rack” clubs. Custom sets usually cost $600 or more. You have to consider if you want to pay this much for a new set of clubs. Most golfers actually quit the game after 6 months because it is a difficult game to learn and master. You may be able to buy a nice set by searching out a deal on a used set of clubs. Golf clubs are good for years and sets that are 10 years old can still be used effectively.


The irons comprise most of the clubs in your bag. They are called this because they were originally made out of iron. Today the may be made out of a wide range of metals. They generally have a smaller shape than the woods, which we will cover next. These are the clubs you use when you are trying to hit the ball onto the green. They are also considered the scoring clubs because if you hit them well it will set up good scoring chances.


Woods are the clubs you usually use off the tee, the driver, or on long fairway shots, usually a 3 wood. These clubs are designed to cover a lot of ground and are the most difficult to master. They used to be made out of wood, often persimmon, and sometimes a maple laminate. In the early 1980s this started to change. Metal woods were introduced and the larger more forgiving sweet spot ushered in a new era in club making and design. The large head on a driver or fairway wood make it easy create solid contact with a ball, but the increased length of the shaft make the shot harder to control. It’s really a tradeoff when you use a driver or other type of wood.

So when you look to upgrade to a new set of clubs you may Vclubshop want to consider buying a complete set at once. Putting a set together one club at a time is time consuming and usually more expensive. You can have clubs built just for you, or you can buy a stock set of clubs right of the shelf. If you are really adventuresome you can try your hand at clubmaking and build a set of your own. This can be a fun and rewarding experience. You also get to set up your clubs exactly the way you want them. Whatever you do, make sure you choose the right set of clubs for you and your game. You’ll enjoy the game more and won’t feel like you’ve thrown your money away.

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