English Bulldogs – Snoring, Wrinkles, Slobber & a Lot of Heart!

English Bulldogs go all the way back to the British Isles. It tends to be confused by the American or French Bulldog because of their similarities. Around 1568, the term “bulldog” was very used. A theory is that they were bred in England between the Mastiff and the Pug. The Pug didn’t come to England until the late 16th century so it’s very unlikely that the breed is related to the bulldog in any way.

English bulldogs are known to be very affectionate and dependable. But when Cheap french bulldog they realize there’s an intruder they react just like most dogs would. These bulldogs are simple to train once they realize that you are the “alpha dog” but can be confused that they may be the alpha dog. So when you train them, make sure you make them realize that you’re the boss! English Bulldog Training is easy as long as you try to train them as a puppy because they are known to be hard headed at times lol So try taking an obedience course and you can bond with your dog as well.

English Bulldogs have heavy bodies and powerful wide jaws. On their skulls and foreheads, they have skin that folds. Their tails are either screwed or straight and are carried low. They also have under bites. Known for snoring loud, they also have slobbering and drooling tendencies so be careful with those wet kisses they might want to give you! Also their grooming needs are very low maintenance.

This type of dog is very nurturing and well loved. It loves the attention and craves it all the time. Be ready to give it all the lovin’ you can give it! If you’re looking for a dog that can adapt to any surrounding for the most part and you’re wanting a loving companion, this is your dog! With this dogs puppy eyes staring back at ya, I don’t think you could’ve picked a more better dog!

Facts about English Bulldogs:

• They have a life expectancy of 8 years. Although some can live longer or shorter lives.
• Usually can have 4-5 puppies. And due to the fact that their heads are large they’re most likely to have c- sections!
• They’re very inactive indoors and need plenty of exercise.
• English bulldogs are sensitive to heat and cold.
• These dogs were bred for cruel sports to entertain royalty and citizens in London and across England.

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