Fleet Management – Supply Chain Optimization

We are in the 21st century and technology rules the world. This technology affects all aspects of our lives even down to the way we manage our cars and this has been a driving factor in a service which is known as fleet management service. But the main question pops up is what exactly fleet management is and what it is used for.

As the name suggests fleet management service is the service used for Telematics Systems Guide managing the fleet of vehicles. The main aim of fleet management service is to manage vehicles by using various tools so that operational efficiency and effectiveness can be enhanced. In today’s world, fleet management services have gained popularity and simultaneously also proved their worth and importance.

Fleet management service usually involves application of APTS technologies. APTS technologies generally include computer software, various communications systems, and vehicle location technologies. Its main aim is to provide more effective planning, scheduling, and operations of transit vehicle fleets. According to the experts, fleet management service is also used as a term generally to encompass the management of all aspects which are mainly related to a company’s vehicle fleet from the allocation of resources to fuel economies.

Talking about the prime function of fleet management service, its main area is the vehicle tracking component. This vehicle tracking component is generally GPS based, but sometimes it can be based on a Cellular triangulation platform too. It sounds complex and sophisticated but overall its easy to understand and also implement. And if you are using SupaTrak’s fleet management service then you are certainly at the benefiting end. Another main function of fleet management service is the mechanical diagnostics. Current fleet management service includes advanced fleet management systems that can easily connect to the vehicle’s on board computer, and gather data for the user.

Data collected can vary and it collects details such as mileage, fuel consumption, and much more, which are then gathered into a global statistics scheme. Moreover, this fleet management service is also helpful in knowing driver behavior. Thus, by combining received data from the vehicle tracking system and the on board computer, it is possible to form a profile for any given driver. SupaTrak provide this technologically advanced fleet management service which incorporates all of the aforementioned elements and their associated benefits.

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