How Do You Sell A Car Without All The Stress And Hassle?

How do you sell a car without all the stress and hassle? This could be the question of the day. In most cases, selling a car requires a lot of work and it is stressful. Besides that it takes a lot of your time.

Wouldn’t you love to know an easier way to sell a car? My guess is that most people prefer easier over the more difficult with many things in life, especially when it comes to finding someone to buy your used car.

Most people dread selling their car and in most cases people don’t like the process of selling their car by themselves. Typically they would prefer the ease of trading in their old set of wheels for a new vehicle. It’s true it may be easier to trade it in; however you probably will not get as much money for your car, truck or SUV when you trade it in, compared to selling it for retail.

There is a better way…

It is called car consignment program. This sell my car is where a licensed dealer agrees to take your car and sell your car for you. This includes the work to prepare, advertise and sell your car. In most cases they will do everything possible until a happy new owner drives it from their lot.

To begin with the dealer agrees to prepare the car for the sale. This begins with doing a full market analysis to assure both the seller and the buyer get a fair price. The dealer will use the three book values to come up with a price that agrees with the current auto market in your area.

Next, the auto consultant will make sure the car is in the best possible condition to sell. Many times this includes an inspection to assure the car is road ready and safe for the new owners. The dealer will do a professional detail job so that the car sparkles like (almost) new. All these steps will help add to the value of the car so that you can command top dollar for your vehicle.

Next the dealership will take photos to advertise your vehicle. These photos will be used to advertise in 40-50 different website to create the most interest possible for your vehicle. Maximum exposure is important and a dealer who sells cars each and every day will be able to achieve this much easier than you could on your own.

The important part is the sale.

A consignment dealer has experience in selling cars and they will use these skills to market your vehicle for top dollar. They will field all questions and inquiries. They will also handle all the test driving and spare you this tiresome job.

And once the perfect owner has been found, the auto consultant will prepare the paperwork for both the sale and the title transfer.

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