How Much Should a House Cleaning Service Cost?

OK- You’ve officially  Castle Cleaners – House Cleaning Services in Baytown TX had enough of spending your free time cleaning your house. Despite your best efforts to chunk it into manageable blocks, delegate, bribe the kids or whatever, it’s just not working. So you have done all of your homework on how to hire a cleaning service, now you want to make sure you are getting the best possible price. Many cleaning services will have their rates posted on their website. You should also be able to call around and get prices over the phone. You can also ask your friends how much they are paying to get a point of reference.

Of course in different parts of the country the cost of living is higher, so our rates here in Central New York may seem low. I have a friend in Charlotte, NC who owns a cleaning service as well. From what I understand the cost of living there is a bit higher, but his rate for house cleaning are lower than mine. My cousin lived in California for a number of years. He paid a professional service about $50.00 more than what we would have charged here.

All House cleaning services have different rates depending on the area that you live. I live just outside of  area, where we did not experience a real estate bust. Our economy is struggling like the rest of the country but we are not in dire straits. Our cost of living here is modest; a 4 bedroom house in the suburb of Baldwinsville can be purchased for fewer than 160k, not bad.

So in this area, a weekly house cleaning would range from $79.00-109.00 depending on the size of the house. If someone wanted to have cleaning done every other week, the rate would range from $99.00-$139.00 which is still affordable for many people. The highest rate would be for monthly cleaning, it usually requires more time to just clean once per month.


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