How to Give Up Smoking Weed – A Goal Setting Approach


Giving up weed can be a tough journey for many and the pitfalls and woes that you hit along the way often turn you from your goal of being weed free and plunge you back into wasting time and money on your old habit. How to give up smoking weed comes down to having a plan and the willpower to stick to it but this is easy to say and harder to do so here are a few ideas to help you make and keep to a plan using small goals as milestones and motivators. gras online kaufen 

Firstly there is a difference between a goal and a motivator, achieving a goal is motivating but a motivator is a long term goal, perhaps an ongoing thing that cannot simply be reached but only improved. Having a strong motivator is essential to quit smoking pot because the urge to smoke can be very strong and when you are tempted and the little angel and devil on your shoulder start to argue you have to give the angel some serious firepower! Some examples of motivators I have seen people use to great success include:

“I need to give up smoking weed so I can be a better parent.”
“I need to give up weed so I can stop wasting my life and get a steady job.”
“I need to give up smoking pot because I want a better relationship with my partner and she does not like it”
“I need to give up pot so that I stop ruining my health and memory.”
Everyone has a different motivator that is close to your heart and so strong is the urge to succeed at this is will be a powerful weapon against the urges to smoke. Find this and then write it down, keep it in your pocket, put it on a banner on your wall anything you can do to re-enforce that message over and over again!

Once you have this clear in your mind you can start with a plan, set small goals and do them … do not look at the big picture yet except for your motivator just set small goals every day. For example:
Day One
1. Throw out my stash
2. Sign up for the gym
3. Cook and eat a healthy meal

Day Two
1. Remind myself of all the good things I will get from not smoking weed
2. Call some friends I have not seen in a while because of my habit


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