Skills for a Sport Management Internship

One of the most important skills needed in today’s workforce is communication so it should be obvious that it is an important aspect to be accepted in an internship. Today one of the most feared things amongst young adults is public speaking, but this is one of the necessary skills need for an interview. When communicating with an individual you have to be able o convey how you are feeling or what you want to say in a clear and easy way for another individual to understand. But other than you basic how to talk with another person with good English you must be able to do it confident. Most jobs today are people related, but especially in the sport world.

Every day in the sport world you are around people, whether in public or behind a closed door: closed door being more important because you are in the public’s eyes and will be criticized for any mistakes you could possibly make. This makes it crucial to be spoken with confidence at all times and with good English. Verbal communication is key skill but it is key to be able to network. Today the internet has become the 토토사이트  main source for communication, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and many other social websites. These websites are the new way of communication and keeping up to date with them are a key factor in your communication abilities today.

In any working space it is important to be professional about everything. Work is work; it isn’t a time to have fun with friends. Do not get me wrong, work should be enjoyable and you should want to go to work day to day but it should not be a place to hang out with friends. Professionalism is important at all times as well when working in the sport world because of how publicly seen everything is. It is not in all jobs where everything is seen on television (such as professional sports). You also never want to talk bad about your company or co-workers. Because in the end this is your job, everything you do represents you and the type of worker you are.

You will need to use your company as past references and or want to work towards moving up in the company. Co-workers are just as important, these are the people you work with everyday and you should make it as comfortable as possible to be there for everyone. Your dress also should be professional at all times when working, because you do not only represent yourself, but you represent the company you work for. You should dress appropriate to the job you are doing at all times.

Self-motivation is probably one of the most important skills needed when applying for an internship and when working as an intern. You have to like what you do because this is what you wake up to every morning. You have to be self-motivated to be successful. When on an internship most companies do not pay, so you must self motivate yourself to work hard. A company does not want to hire someone who is lacking motivation, someone they have to watch over all the time and give busy work. Company’s today are looking for that person who can work hard and be able to do it all on their own, someone they do not have to ask to do work. Self-motivation is important for an internship position, but also for a job because you have to be motivated in your field in order to be happy and successful.

Being dependable and responsible is an obvious thing but can be forgotten with today’s fast pace society. An employer is looking for dependable individuals who can be held responsible. Company’s do not want to hire an individual who is going to need another individual to help them it is not considerate, especially in today’s society with the lacking amount of jobs available. They want people who can do their work without help, I am not saying

it is bad to ask for help when needed but they do not want people who need someone to hold their hand through everything. Responsibility is a crucial! An employee should be responsible for their work and the work they are asked to do. They should be responsible for being on time (10 minutes before the time that is said to be “on time”). These small factors show the type of person you are, they are small but they are the things that are usually remembered. When looking for your internship or working as an intern you should always show that you are a responsible individual.

With everything in today’s society being for the most part on the internet it is a key factor for you to have strong writing capabilities. You must be able to write a paper in proper English. Many sport markets are also using the internet’s social sites to produce their advertisements and they expect them to look professional, so you should be able to represent through your writing professionalism. This is also important when writing to co-workers, bosses and or a company itself. You should not use texting symbols when writing professionally. You must show your knowledge through your writing.

When looking for an internship, and when working as an intern, you should always try to have a positive attitude. Your attitude can change everything. You do not want to have a negative person on your work team it makes the job, less enjoyable. It is also brings in more customers when working in the sport world because a positive person is more enjoyable than a negative individual. Even when things go wrong you should try and look at the positive things and it might help solve the solution. Enjoy the job you do and you will be positive.

Even though you are looking for an internship and this does not mean you will be with the company forever, you should show interest. When interviewing individuals for an internship many companies want to see some form of loyalty towards the company meaning you will do your internship and you want to continue working for them for the next couple years after you have finished your internship. An internship is a way of training a possible employee; so many companies do not want to waste their time training an individual so they can go work for a competitor. Keeping a loyalty to a company can also mean that you show them respect, so if you do end up getting a job you don’t take the spot then go quit two weeks later because a better offer comes around. Loyalty to a company can be a key in creating job opportunities and help you move.

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