SQL Server 2000 Data Types


SQL Server requires that each variable and column in a table should be defined with respect to the type of data it will store. From a bit to a huge image and binary storage types, the allocation is supposed to help the user conform to the data required, and help the engine allocate space and processing speed efficiently.

Built-in data types

SQL Server 2000 recognizes the following built in data types:

Data Types



Integer data from -2^63 through 2^63-1


Integer data from -2^31 through 2^31 – 1


Integer data from -2^15 through 2^15 – 1


Integer data from 0 through 255


Integer data with either a 1 or 0 value


Fixed precision and scale numeric data from -10^38 +1 through 10^38 -1


Fixed precision and scale numeric data from -10^38 +1 through 10^38 -1


Monetary data values from -2^63 through 2^63 – 1


Monetary data values from -214,748.3648 through +214,748.3647


Floating precision number data from -1.79E + 308 through  data hk  1.79E + 308


Floating precision number data from -3.40E + 38 through 3.40E + 38


Date and time data from January 1, 1753, through December 31, 9999, with an accuracy of 3.33 milliseconds


Date and time data from January 1, 1900, through June 6, 2079, with an accuracy of one minute


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