Take a trip to Russia through Movies


I Origins, Lucy, Luc Besson, Mike Cahill: Science and Spirituality | TimeDid you know that you can travel anywhere in the world in less than two hours, for less than $10 and without ever stepping out your front door? How? But spiritual awakening movies, of course, through movies! Such “traveling” becomes especially more enjoyable when you are homebound, raising small children, on a budget, or simply without any vacation time.

How about a country you’ve never visited before? A country that for years was closed behind an iron curtain, inaccessible to visitors from the West–Russia? The movies that follow take you through the history of that magnificent country, showing you how Russian emperors ruled, lived, loved and fought, how Russian peasants worked, suffered, and rebelled, how Russian artists saw their country in colors, sounds and words, and how Western directors saw Russia as the unknown enemy that had to be penetrated with spies, intelligence, and drastic measures. Our soul and our guides can help get us back on track but too often we shut the door and don’t listen to our soul or our guides. Depression is one result from such shutting out. We may be avoiding working out our karma and getting on with our lives. We may be holding onto unhealthy dysfunctional relationships that are not serving us. We often resist and fight what we know our heart and soul wants for us. But like the saying goes what we resist persists and Ole man or lady Depression will show up when we continually deny or neglect to carry out our destiny and work to fulfill and actualize our hopes and dreams. Depression and despair are blocked unharnessed energies that need to stir and move. They contain raw reservoirs of power which can move us forward in a positive direction They can also turn on and destroy us if we do not find out what they have to say and teach us. They intensity if we refuse to make necessary adjustments in our beliefs and thinking to bring about needed changes in our lives.

I have learned that our struggles do not always originate from this current lifetime we are living. I have had more than one psychic tell me that my last lifetime was as a struggling model and Impressionist painter in Paris, France. What I found most interesting upon hearing this is that several things relevant to me in this lifetime to validate the psychics’ reading. I never understood the meaning of this strange behavior until the psychics solved the mystery for me. The psychics knew nothing about me and I gave them no information of any kind.

I also carried a tremendous amount of anger towards men for much of this lifetime. I know that some of it originates from my father being so abusive. But I was to learn that my struggles with men did not originate in this lifetime. This made me more determined to get to the root of my anger with men in this lifetime so that I could heal and move on. I have learned in my metaphysical studies that unresolved pain, hurt and karma will definitely bring us back to work the karma out in a future lifetime.

The mystery would be solved a few years later when i went to see a renowned astrologer and psychic at Camp Chesterfield Spiritualist Camp, near Indianapolis, Indiana. I had given her my birth information on the telephone and she did the astrological calculations for my natal birth chart as well as my karmic chart. One of her specialties was karma astrology. Needless to say I was very eager and excited about the reading. One of the first things that she asked me was if i spoke French. I told her that i not only spoke French but I was a French teacher. She smiled and continued. Aang’s group reaches the Northern Water Tribe and its Princes Yue welcomes them. The tribe is attacked by the forces of the Fire Nation led by Zhao. Zhao slays Tui, the moon spirit from whom the water Tribe gets its waterbending powers. Yue sacrifices her life to bring Tui back to life. Waterbenders regain their powers and Zhao is killed by them. Aang transforms into Avatar and destroys the Fire Nation forces, liberating the earth from their cruelties. Fire Nation chief Ozai deputes his daughter Azula to capture her brother and uncle and punish them for their treachery.

M. Night Shyamalan, producer, director whose films have often been in the top 10 movies list, has written, directed and produced this science fiction movie which is actually more towards spiritual pursuits. Humans connect to something either through mind or through heart. This movie is for a heart connection. The fire of desires is engulfing our senses and we need the water of satiation to drowse this fire. A must see to understand what we want this world to be for our children. Time is running out so act fast. As of understanding the movie more deeply, you shall have two more sequels.

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