The Top College Essay Grammar Mistakes And How To Correct Them

Your college essay papers are some of the most important papers you will ever write. You probably get very nervous and concerned when you are assigned a college essay paper. Your grades on some of these documents will count towards a large percentage of your final grade.

You know how important the paper is, so you carefully research all of the material it will take to write about the subject. Then you gather all of your citation information and insert it properly into the paper. You check the format of the paper carefully and you look for spelling mistakes.

When the paper comes back from the desk of the essay writing service reddit professor with numerous red circles and a grade that is disappointing you hang your head. Your research was impeccable, your style of writing was perfect, and your spelling was approved, but your grammar left something to be desired.

Some of the most common grammar mistakes are made using simple words like “it’s and its”. When you are using a contraction for the phrase it is then you put the apostrophe in and when you are using the word as a possessive adjective then leave the apostrophe out.


• It’s hot outside. (It is hot outside).
• My dog does not stay in its own bed at night.

There and their are often used incorrectly. There describes where something is and their is used to define the fact that something belonged to a person.


• Put the table over there.
• Their car is red.

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