Ukrainian Girls – How Do They Live?

Ukrainian girls love to have fun just like any other young people. How actually do their lives run among the responsibilities and the entertainment?

Life in Ukraine is not very easy and it is not a secret that the country is going through difficult times and it is still hard for the government to make the country’s way to the west. Unlike the official political situation, people are not losing hope and sense of humor. Girls are no exception.

Life for young people in Ukraine is a mixture of east and west. They have grown up in society totally affected by the Soviet Union and the Russian culture. They love all references to their childhood such as animation movies or songs basically produced in Russian but distributed in all ex-Soviet lands. All of them are not topics for discussion about the dominance or national rights, but sweet memories of the past times.

Ukrainian girls live in a bilingual or even trilingual society. They speak their nativ news Ukraine   language, Russian and English quite fluently. English is gaining more popularity in the last few years when the open boundaries and the end of the cold war allowed free exchange of information with the western world. Young people study English from a very early age. In addition they surf the net for information and news and practice it there. All of them are familiar with modern western bands, watch music televisions and regularly get updates on cinema and Hollywood celebrities. You will be surprised by their profound knowledge in all areas of lifestyle, fashion and entertainment.

It is hard to impress on them with news older than two or three weeks, because many young people in Ukraine use the internet on a daily basis. Girls are more familiar with the modern technologies than their mothers and fathers. They use the internet to get in touch with friends who have left the country and live abroad or to search for new friends in the forums and chats.

Many young people between 18 and 25 go to university classes and work. There are more than eighty universities in Ukraine but actually only a few are good and offer good environment and research incentives. The educational system is poorly paid and just a few of the girls who graduate take career in studies or research.

Most of them are oriented to business, economic and philology (preferably German, English, French, Spanish and other European languages). Law and sometimes medicine also attract many applicants. Probably the biggest university is National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv.

Young students often work in order to help their family or to get resources for their hobbies and interests. Many girls take small part-time jobs as waitresses, dancers in ballets (for those who can dance), fashion models or similar, which allow them to go to classes in university and to earn something extra. Others prefer job positions more or less related to their studies and initially start as secretaries or office-assistants. Some of them keep working for the companies after they gradate and make a career, others leave their old positions in search of better opportunities, remuneration packages or alternatives.

Ukrainian girls are good companions. They are always curious to learn new things, they are ready to innovate and in addition they are well educated and experienced professionals. If you do not believe me, check it out for yourself!


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